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Route And Go

5.49 usd

RouteAndGo is an application that can be used by anyone who wants to manage his route or trip (delivery, roundtrip, itinerary, travel ...).This app is a powerful route manager that allows you to :
- Plan a route with multiple locations at once : (up to 50 stops).
- Perform optimization calculated from real distances between locations or from bird fly distances, taking into account of one-way streets, trafic conditions. The travel mode can be driving, walking or bicycling. The optimization can be achieved by avoiding highways and tolls.
Two optimization modes are available : optimize a roundtrip or optimize a route from A to Z.
- The optimization saves time and saves fuel.
- Draw the route with real distances or with bird fly distances.
- Search for addresses and add them to the route.
- Manage your route by performing a custom sort or optimized sort.
- Save the route on local database in order to view it later. Stops and itineraries between stops are recorded to be viewed offline.
- Follow the GPS position.
- Manage saved routes : duplicate, rename and update route. set start time and calculate finish.
- Manage stops : update name, address, service time, visit time, start and finish time).
- View the map on normal or hybrid (satellite) mode.
- Using Google Maps® for up to date maps in real time.
- Show navigate instructions for route.
- Navigate with Google StreetView®.
- Integrated help available offline.
- Export route to gpx file format and import it into another device.
- Export places list to csv file and import them on another device.
- Share the route (exported file) by available share mode on the device : by mail, by buetooth, by wifi direct ...